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Name Rebecca McDonal… Date18-10-31 03:44 Hit47 Comment0


Hi Steamboy team,

I've tried reaching out a couple of times and haven't heard back.  Usually, when I don't hear back from someone, it either means that they are busy and haven't had a chance to respond, or they are not interested.

We recently restructured our platform to better serve our merchant partners.  Our Merchant partners are seeing great results, and Groupon is making quite a comeback!

New Platform Updates:

Flexible pricing and margins (No more 50/50 revenue split!)
No out of pocket costs
A custom campaign made specifically for your business
The ability to pause or limit the amount of vouchers available
No time commitment/contract

I'm not sure if this makes a difference for you, but I figured I'd share this with you for your reference.

All the best,


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